Foundation Projects

Empowering mountain communities: Localized support kit and training for community wireless networks

E-Network Research and Development (ENRD)

The goal of the project was to empower wireless technicians of mountain communities to maintain and build wireless networks through localized support kits and training.

This is necessary because the wireless network built by Nepal Wireless in high altitude mountains needs to be maintained regularly by local villagers.

To accomplish the goal, the project organized non-residential training at seven sites, providing trainees the opportunities to work on real networks and relay installations. The residential training sessions were organized in four sites that gave more theoretical knowledge and practice, and training on the uses of Internet.

The project produced a handbook in Nepal language as the localized support kit, which is available both in hardcopy and online in the wiki. Moreover, the project has been able to develop a Wiki page with 383 items of information in Nepali Language, which is useful for the students and villagers.

Thus the training program has helped the technical independency of local community to build, troubleshoot and expand Internet services in mountain region of Nepal and has assured better quality of internet services in the of mountain for delivering basic social services such as communication, health and education.