Foundation Projects

Development and Implementation of an accessible web-based system for recording and assessment of person with disabilities in local government (DPARS)

Disability Empowerment Society Nepal

In Nepal, it is exceedingly difficult for people with disabilities to get assessed and registered by the government, and during this time they are deprived of government services and facilities.

This proposal aims to assist developing an accessible web-based application for registration and assessment of people with disabilities, to receive a disability identity card.

The project will also help boost adoption of accessibility standards and inclusion for people with disabilities.

The project aims to:

  • Conduct a technical requirements study, existing system analysis and collection of information regarding disability plans and policies promulgated by local governments.
  • Design and develop the web-based application system with centralized database software that is user-friendly.
  • Undertake system testing involving related stakeholders and set up the server management.
  • Train government officials and persons with disabilities for adoption and to improve their user experiences.
  • Expand the project through more of Nepal afterwards.