Foundation Projects

Developing Mobile Based Application to Support Pregnant Women

Yagiten Pvt. Ltd

The Amakomaya (Mother’s Love) project has designed and deployed an Android application (Amakomaya) to be used by the rural pregnant women of Nepal.

The application provides localized information relating to the prenatal, natal and postnatal periods of pregnancy. This information has enabled women to learn about the changes their body will undergo and how the baby will develop. The project wishes to see an increased number of these women making good use of the Health Post’s facilities. Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) had been trained to use the application and run a door-to-door service registering those women that are pregnant. We will monitor and record our progress so that it will be possible to replicate this project in other areas both nationally and internationally.

The project has developed an android application which will connect rural pregnant women with nearest Health Posts through FCHVs, then to urban based hospital doctors through health posts for further analysis and suggestions to increase potential for safe motherhood. The pregnant women create private accounts and can then receive weekly pregnancy related contents (in video, audio and text formats) in the local language they speak, relevant to their stage of pregnancy and be well informed about the changes they and her babies are going through. With this access to information, they will be able to monitor their and their baby’s health status by themselves, and by visiting authorized health institutions they will eventually increase Anti Natal Care (ANC) visits in the project area.