Foundation Projects

Deploying IPv6 in Yap FSM

Boom! Inc.

Boom! is fully committed to moving forward and adopting IPv6, not just for existing deployments, but for all future services. At this time, IPv6 activity is limited to Internet backbone nodes with the address block advertised to both upstream carriers via eBGP. No further IPv6 services have been deployed beyond or behind its backbone nodes.

This project will solely focus on the design of the backbone infrastructure, IPv6 address allocation, and best practices for small to large scale customer deployments. Boom! Inc.'s enterprise lab network will be the area of focus for all testing and design needs. Several key customers, whom have been with us throughout the initial Internet services rollout, have also expressed interest and are excited to be a part of this next phase.

Note that when the grant was issued, the request was for USD 250,000, however the scope on the project changed and a variation on the amount was requested and granted, reducing it to USD 110,000.