Foundation Projects

DASH: AI and IoT powered data-driven wildfire detection and prediction system

Sweet Lime E-Commerce Private Limited

Climate change has amplified the frequency and severity of wildfires, wreaking havoc on ecosystems and societies. In India, approximately 36% of forest cover is prone to wildfires. The existing wildfire prediction and detection systems and overall management mechanisms are not holistic, effective or cost efficient.  

This proposal aims to implement an AI/ML and IoT-powered data-driven unified system to detect, predict and mitigate wildfires. It also provides information to emergency responders and communities. The system helps in monitoring and understanding wildfire behaviour, enabling more effective fire suppression efforts. The initial phase aims to implement a pilot project in the Nallamala Forest in Telangana, India. The pilot will enable implementation of the system on the ground, train AI/ML for real-life data, and produce dashboards for alerting, interpreting, reporting, learning, preventing and mitigating wildfires. 

This project is an Ian Peter Grant for Internet and the Environment.