Foundation Projects

Curriculum development for non-technical audiences (IPGO)

Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)

This project was first funded in 2021 to overcome the many barriers that keep young, nontechnical audiences from participating meaningfully in Internet governance. One of the biggest barriers is that the ecosystem is unwelcoming, with concepts usually explained in uninteresting and confusing ways. Yet this audience needs some technical knowledge about Internet operations to be seen as credible and to have their voices heard.

This project aims to tackle this problem head on by developing an engaging online game, IPGO, that acts as a welcoming cocktail for this audience.

Highlights from 2022 include defining the creative direction for the online game along with the narrative and overarching game mechanics, conducting nine workshops with the target audience to gather feedback and input on aspects of game design, and the successful development of a prototype.

For funding information, see the relevant annual reports.