Foundation Projects

Connecting 100 educational institutions and healthcare facilities

Kacific Broadband Satellites Ltd.

This Impact Grant proposal seeks to make an impact by deploying high speed satellite broadband at 100 strategic locations in the Pacific.

These locations comprise hospitals and schools with the focus on improving healthcare and education services in rural and underserved areas where telecom operators have not connected with cable, 3G/4G or fibre networks. Each of the 100 sites will serve around 300 users, connecting approximately 30,000 people who need it the most.

The project aims to:

  • Undertake site surveys of 100 locations, primarily schools and hospitals.
  • Provide satellite equipment to 100 schools and hospitals, including transport, installation, and activation.
  • Establish a Community WiFi system for distribution of WiFi data vouchers.
  • Deliver technical training on maintenance and operations for the system to ensure that end-users can effectively use and sustain this infrastructure.