Foundation Projects

Combating Cyberbullying for Better Internet Inclusivity: An Optimized Deep Learning Approach

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

This project carried out three key objectives to combat cyberbullying:

  1. Conduct 13 awareness campaigns (the first 13 out of 17 sessions) on the cyberbullying phenomenon to diverse target groups
  2. Develop an intelligent cyberbullying detection tool based on an optimized deep learning network
  3. Integrate the cyberbullying detection tool into the promotional campaign (the last 4 out of 17 sessions)

For the first objective, the project conducted 17 awareness sessions that targeted primary school students, secondary school students, and university students. It also completed our development of an AI-based cyberbullying detection based on text input.

The project also organized four workshops (the last 4 out of 17 sessions) to raise awareness of cyberbullying through technological tools implementation that include advanced artificial intelligence methods to identify cyberbullying incidents. Two primary and two secondary schools were involved in this activity, which included team sessions so that the students really understood how to identify and overcome cyberbullying. One important discovery was that is if the participants are part of Peer Mentoring Prefects, the impact of the project can be larger, whereby they have acted as the motivator to their friends in combating the cyberbullying issue. Furthermore, the project developed a dedicated website to share findings that cover various types of material for public access.