Foundation Projects

Cloud Based Application Measuring and Controlling Electricity Used for Indonesian Houses

Binus International University

This project is to develop a cloud based application to capture the electricity consumption data for every area of a typical Indonesian household such as kitchen, children's rooms, guest room and bathroom, all without having to modify the electricity meter from PLN (National Electricity Company).

Interviews, literature research and experiments will be conducted to develop the prototype of the system. For the hardware, an Arduino Board and Current Transformer will be used to capture the data about electricity consumption in every room of the house. Meanwhile, an application will be designed using PHP in a cloud platform. After receiving the data, it will be sent to cloud server so that the user can see the report in the form of chart and graph for each room through an Android mobile application or computer with Internet access. Switching on and switching off a lamp in the house can also be controlled through Android mobile application or computer.

This feature is expected to give a smarter way for the users to monitor and control their electricity consumption at home. Finally, the device is low cost deployment, low power consumption and easy to maintain.