Foundation Projects

Building Low-Cost Telecommunications Infrastructure in Myanmar: Localization and Training of a Practical Guide

First Myanmar Korea Group Co. Ltd.

As a country in transition Myanmar faces barriers to Internet access and connectivity due to the high cost and lack of sufficient infrastructure, resulting in important challenges to the country's socio-economic development. Given this situation, strengthening the institutional and human capacity to recognize the importance of expanded access to the Internet as well as developing the knowledge and skills to develop and use this technology are critical.

In order to support greater awareness of wireless networking as well as technical know-how, First Myanmar Korea Group Co. Ltd. is undertaking the translation into Myanmar language of the practical guidebook, 2018 Wireless Networking in the Developing World 2019. This guidebook delivers practical knowledge and skills on how to design, build, secure and maintain a wireless network within the developing country context. It will be made available and disseminated to stakeholders both on- and offline. Following translation, a workshop will be conducted to sensitize stakeholders to the guidebook while imparting key knowledge. This workshop will also serve as an opportunity for knowledge sharing and brainstorming on how to carry forward wireless networking development at the community level.

The image shows the cover of the book Wireless Networking in the Developing World. The cover is green with stripes and shows a hand with a wifi signal and a trial coming out of it, with a map of the world on the triangle.