Foundation Projects

Batik Fractal

Piksel Indonesia Company

Piksel Indonesia was creative social enterprise founded in 2007 and registered as legal entity in 2009. Piksel Indonesia was the creator of Batik Fractal and jBatik Software. Through a year long research about batik and science, we then developed a modeling software application to create batik design generatively and presented the innovation in 10th Generative Art International Conference in Milan Italy.

In 2008, this innovation was funded by the Business Innovation Fund SENADA USAID, which led to the creation of jBatik v.1 and focused on empowering batik artisans in Bandung. Since that time, Piksel Indonesia has been working to empower batik and craft artisans in all Indonesia especially in Java and Bali. Currently, the project has trained around 1400 artisans to use jBatik software. The training was firstly organized by the local government in each rural area and villages where batik artisans usually live.

Through extensive training in mastering the use of jBatik software, the artisans can incorporate technology to develop their traditional craft work. The artisans not only have access to affordable technology and can use the technology to develop their batik, but have also demonstrated increased productivity, bringing in more sales, increasing their profit and leading to improved income.

Two women working on a piece of batik art.
An artisan works on batik art