APIE program wraps up first pilot course

21-09-2022: APNIC’s Paul Wilson and Che-Hoo Cheng, and course lead Prof. Jun Murai celebrated the last e-Workshop session with APIE learners on September 17. It was a 20-week journey through live sessions with guest from the IT area in parallel with the APIE Online course. Congratulations to all those who accomplished the first pilot run of this course!

Pictured are APNIC Infrastructure and Development Director Che Hoo Cheng, APNIC Director General Paul Wilson (back), SOI Asia director Prof. Keiko Okawa and APIE Online Course 1 lead Prof. Jun Murai.


APIE course participants during the final session of the first pilot program.


APNIC 54: That’s a wrap:

16-09-2022: This has been a very special APNIC conference for the Foundation, as it gave us a valuable chance to reconnect with our community in person after the recent pandemic years. Thank you for being a fantastic community! More pictures from the conference are available on the APNIC Blog.

Pictured are Foundation staff and project participants at the APNIC 54 conference – these included National Coordinators and participants of the Switch! project as well as ISIF Asia awardees.


Congratulations to our ISIF Asia awardees!

14-09-2022: The APNIC Foundation is pleased to award the University of Auckland and Swiss German University for their work on satellite connections and cybersecurity initiatives at an event held at Temasek Shophouse in Singapore. To find out more, visit the ISIF Asia blog.

A picture of the awardees and Foundation staff
Pictures is APNIC Foundation head of Projects and Partnerships Sylvia Cadena, ISIF Asia awardee, Dr Ulrich Speidel from the University of Auckland, Foundation Grants Management Lead Hannah Durack, ISIF Asia awardee Dr Charles Lim from Swiss German University Indonesia and Foundation CEO Duncan Macintosh.


Watch the Foundation session at APNIC 54

13-09-2022: The APNIC Foundation session held at APNIC 54 was an opportunity to brief the community on the projects of the APNIC Foundation, recognize our ISIF Asia 2022 awardees, and give an update on the Switch! gender inclusion project operating in six economies. Watch it on Youtube below:



Position available: Gender Equality and Inclusion specialist

09-09-2022: The APNIC Foundation has a vacancy available for a Gender Equality and Inclusion specialist. Come join the team! You can find out more here.


ISIF Asia announces 2022 award winners

09-09-2022: ISIF Asia is proud to announce the winners of the ISIF Asia Awards 2022:

The Network coded tunnels for satellite links project, led by the University of Auckland (New Zealand) that lets remote island communities in the Pacific make more efficient use of the satellite Internet connections they rely on. Project leader Dr. Ulrich Speidel will accept the award.


The Honeynet Threat Sharing Platform, designed by Swiss German University (Indonesia), collects, categorizes, and distributes cybersecurity threat information from malicious traffic discovered in partner “honeypots” around the world. Project leader Dr. Charles Lim, will accept the award.


The ISIF Asia Awards were first introduced in 2011 to celebrate the outstanding organizations and individuals supporting community needs through innovative uses of Internet technologies. Awardees receive USD 5,000 and support to attend the APNIC54 conference in Singapore. 

The awards will be presented at a Foundation session at APNIC 54 on Tuesday, 13 September. Come join us in Singapore, or online via zoom!

Switch! project welcomes new participants

29-08-2022: The Switch! project has just welcomed its many new participants! Almost a hundred of the project’s 140+ participants managed to join us from all six participating economies (Cambodia, the Philippines, Laos, Thailand, Timor Leste and Viet Nam), for the welcome session.
Thanks everyone for coming along! We look forward to being part of your career journey in the coming year! More information is available on the Switch! project here.

Almost 100 participants joined the Welcome Session held on Tuesday evening.


Foundation signs MoU with Keio University

23-08-2022: The APNIC Foundation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Keio University to ensure the ongoing cooperation on both the School on Internet Asia (SOI Asia) and AI3 initiatives. The Foundation and Keio University work closely together on a variety of Knowledge and Infrastructure initiatives, such as the Asia Pacific Internet Engineering (APIE) program.

APNIC Foundation CEO Duncan Macintosh signs the MoU, with Keio University Research and Education Development Project Officer Marcos Maekawa on screen.


Yoshinobu ‘Maz’ Matsuzaki briefs APIE pilot program

20-08-2022: The guest speaker at APIE‘s e-Workshop #8 was Yoshinobu ‘Maz’ Matsuzaki. Maz is well known in the field for participating in several communities as instructor and speaker on network design, operations and security. He is a key contributor to the stable operations of the Internet in Asia Pacific. Check out the site for more information about the course, which is currently a pilot program and will open to the public in 2023

Yoshinobu ‘Maz’ Matsuzaki explains the background of Network Operator Groups.

The APNIC Foundation 2021 Annual Report is now available

08-08-2022: The APNIC Foundations’ 2021 Annual report is now available. 2021 was a big year for the Foundation, with a record number of ISIF Asia projects coming amid a global pandemic. Both the PacTraining and SWITCH SEA projects had to rapidly adapt to the new situation. Discover how the APNIC Foundation adapted to face these challenges and catch up on all of our projects.

The cover of the 2021 Annual Report. Now available on the Foundation site.

The Mentoring Project – Afghanistan survey is underway

22-07-2022: We’re looking for members of the technical community with experience in Afghanistan to help us design our upcoming mentoring project, via a short survey. Please share it around. Thank you! The survey will close on 8 August, 2022.

The Afghanistan mentoring survey is open until 8 August.

APIE e-Workshop session #4 features Professor Jun Murai (Keio University, Japan)

14-07-2022:  As of 14 July, 14 students have graduated from APIE Online Course #1: Understanding the Internet. Next up is Course 2: Operating the Internet, which will give them more hands-on activities.
Find out more about what they learned.

An image from the APIE ‘Understanding the Internet’ course.


Another Retained Community Trainer joins the team

27-06-2022: The third retained Community Trainer (CT) has joined APNIC!
Since 2016, APNIC has been running a CT program for individuals interested in providing technical training to the community on a volunteer basis. With Foundation support, APNIC has expanded the CT program in scope and opportunity. It now includes retained CTs.
Ulsbold Enkhtavian from Mongolia now joins Ana Liezel Manangan from the Philippines and Minh Lay (Makito) from Cambodia as retained CTs. We are currently hiring from other economies including Pakistan, Fiji, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Samoa, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vanuatu. Find out more about the retained CT program or put in an application to join here.

APIE e-Workshop session #4 features Professor Jun Murai (Keio University, Japan)

25-06-2022: APIE e-Workshop session #4 “Make the Future Internet” brings Professor Jun Murai, from Keio University (Japan) and the lead educator of APIE Online Course 1. Also known as “the father of Internet in Japan,” Murai delivered a special talk about what’s coming next for the Internet and the important contribution of younger generations for the future of an Internet-based society. Learn more about the course on the APIE site.

Jun Murai addressed APIE e-Workshop session #4 as part of the pilot program.


Discover the recent progress on the OpenLI Lawful Intercept project

17-06-2022: An ISIF Asia-supported project has made great strides in recent years in spreading awareness of the open source OpenLI software that enables network operators to conduct lawful intercepts more easily. Over the past few years, the University of Waikato team have taken it from local, to global. Learn more on the APNIC Blog.

APNIC strategic engagement director Pablo Hinojosa addresses APIE e-Workshop session #3

11-06-2022: APIE e-Workshop session #3 explored the topic “Join the Internet”. Guest speaker Pablo Hinojosa, director of strategic engagement at APNIC, shared an overview of Internet Governance and its current status in the global scenario. Check the APIE site for more information about the course, which is currently a pilot program and will be open to the public in 2023.

ISIF Asia receives 120 grant applications

07-06-2022: The ISIF Asia 2022 open call for proposals received 120 applications: an increase on last year’s applications of more than 60%. Included in this total are 25 applications to the new Ian Peter Grants for Internet and the Environment. The Inclusion program received approximately 50% of the applications, Knowledge program 30%, and Infrastructure program 20%. Applications are currently being reviewed by the selection committees. We expect to announce this year’s grantees at APNIC’s conference, APNIC 54, in September.

Switch! SEA closes expressions of interest

31-05-2022: The Switch! SEA project has closed its expressions of interest survey. To find out more about this project, hear from those who participated in the first round of the project.

ISIF Asia closes grant applications

31-05-2022: ISIF Asia’s 2022 round of Infrastructure, Inclusion and Knowledge grants are now closed. Applications for ISIF Asia’s IPv6 grants are still open. For more information, visit the ISIF Asia website.

APIE e-Workshop welcomes Vincent “Achie” Atienza (Globe Telecom, Philippines)

28-05-2022: The APIE e-Workshop session #2 “Touch the Internet” welcomed Vincent “Achie” Atienza, from Global Telecom (Philippines). Achie talked to APIE learners about his stories and experiences that contributed to connect the Philippines to the Internet. The course will be open to the public in 2023 after it finishes its pilot program. Discover more on the APIE site.

Vincent (Achie) Atienze addressed APIE e-Workshop session #2 as part of the pilot program.


APIE program opens its online course and online workshops

14-05-2022: The APIE pilot program is open for its first group of internet engineering learners! Discover what they will be learning about on the APIE site.

Catching up with longstanding supporters in Japan

13-05-2022: Foundation CEO Duncan Macintosh recently stopped in at the offices of the Japan Network Information Centre (JPNIC) in Tokyo to catch up with some long-standing Foundation supporters.

Pictured here (left to right) are Deputy General manager, Internet Development Department at JPNIC Tomoko Nezu, Research and Education Development Project Officer at the APNIC Foundation and SOI Asia Project Marcos Maekawa, Foundation CEO Duncan Macintosh, and the General Manager of Internet JPNIC’s Internet Development Department Akinori Maemura.


Update on Foundation projects at SOI/AI3 meeting

12-05-2022: Foundation CEO Duncan Macintosh addressed the SOI/AI3 joint meeting, giving an update on current Foundation projects. In addition, ISIF Asia grantee Ulrich Speidel also gave an update on his #satellite research in the Pacific.

Switch! SEA project open for expressions of interest

05-05-2022: The Switch! SEA project is inviting expressions of interest from women and LGBTQI+ people in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Timor Leste, the Philippines and Viet Nam. The project offers personalized professional development support and online mentoring. Express your interest here.

APIE site goes live

31-03-2022: The Asia Pacific Internet Engineer Program (APIE) now has a live website. Run by SOI Asia and supported by the Foundation, APIE will help train the next generation of Internet professionals in Asia. Find out more on the APIE site.

Developing grassroots Wi-Fi infrastructure policy

28-03-2022: 2021 ISIF Asia Grantee the Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) is helping connect communities in the Philippines via Point to Point (P2P) Wi-Fi connections. Grassroots organizations get involved, and develop policy about how they will fund the infrastructure on an ongoing basis. Join the discussion on Facebook.

ISIF Asia 2022 grants open for applications

15-03-2022: ISIF Asia’s 2022 grants are now open for applications. Check the ISIF Asia website for more information. Grants cover Internet development projects in three key areas: Infrastructure, Inclusion and Knowledge. For the first time ever, the Ian Peter Grants for Internet and the Environment are being offered, which cover projects relating to the Internet and the Environment.

APNIC Foundation signs MOU with APNIC, APIX and ISOC to help develop IXPs in Asia Pacific

02-03-2022: The APNIC Foundation is partnering with other Internet organizations to help develop IXPs in the Asia Pacific, starting with a project in the Maldives. Find out more on the APNIC Blog, or follow the discussion on the APNIC Foundation’s Linkedin account.