The Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF Asia) is a grants and awards program empowering communities in the Asia Pacific region to research, design and implement Internet-based solutions for their own needs, placing particular emphasis on the positive role the Internet has in social and economic development in the region.

ISIF Asia offers support through competitive grants and awards processes as well as offering support for a range of capacity-building opportunities for selected recipients.

Since 2008, ISIF Asia has supported 56 grants and 25 awards allocating over AUD 3 million to 81 innovative initiatives across 22 economies that focus on innovative access solutions, connectivity, education, health, localization, language preservation, freedom of expression, open data, disabilities, and more.

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ISIF Asia news

Latest news about the ISIF Asia.

Report Available! Telemetering the telltale signs of power issues of wireless internet relays

By Sylvia Cadena - ISIF Asia secretariat on Sat, 14 Aug 2021

The TellTale project was conceived with aim of addressing the problem of measurement and projection of the power uptime duration of wireless internet relays. In rural areas and in areas where such projections are not available, operators often fail to address downtimes in a timely manner, thereby increasing the number and duration of downtimes and/or …

Report Available! Experiment and improve reinforcement learning algorithms to enhance anomalous network behaviour detection

By Sylvia Cadena - ISIF Asia secretariat on Sat, 14 Aug 2021

Cybersecurity is a significant research area because all of the operations based on government, military, commercial, financial and civilians gather, process, transfer and store tremendous volume of data on computers and others. Cyber-attacks have imposed increasing threats and damages on our modern society at all levels. Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) is one of the major …

Report Available! Implementation and Utilites of RDAP for Wider Usability among Internet Stakeholders

By Sylvia Cadena - ISIF Asia secretariat on Wed, 23 Jun 2021

This project aimed to increase the adoption of the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP), which is the replacement/upgradation of WHOIS. It is used to retrieve registration data using Internet resources such as domain names, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, and autonomous system numbers (ASN). RDAP solves several problems of WHOIS. It has many new features which …