Foundation Grants 2022


2022 Foundation Grants announced

The Foundation is committed expanding its support for APNIC’s development priorities.

As part of this strategy, the Foundation is very pleased to announce the 2022 Foundation grants. The activities were funded because of their recognized importance and value to the Asia Pacific Internet community.  Final selection for this discretionary funding was carefully coordinated with recognized members of the APNIC community.

The recipients are:

Bond University, Australia 

This grant supported the Bond University Internet Law Research Clinic: Enhancing the Efficacy of Internet Connectivity Legal Frameworks in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Amount: USD 59,500

DotAsia Foundation, Hong Kong  

This grant supported  DotAsia‘s role in APrIGF fellowshipsAPSIG capacity building for people with disabilities in digital rights and governance, and general event support for the Youth IGF 2022.

Amount: USD 30,000

Maldives Internet Exchange, Maldives  

This grant supported the establishment of an IXP in the Maldives. Further information can be found on the APNIC Blog.

Amount: USD 20,000

Myanmar Internet Exchange Association Inc.  

This grant supported the purchase of hardware for the Myanmar Internet Exchange.

Amount: USD 19,200

CVISNET Foundation, Inc., Philippines 

This grant supported CVISNET Foundation, Inc., to provide innovative communication support for Typhoon Rai victims using Locally Accessible Cloud System (LACS) technology.

Amount: USD 15,000

Digital Empowerment Foundation, India 

This grant supported the series of events: Community Network Xchange Asia Pacific 2022: Walking the Talk with the Internet, Community and Networks.

Amount: USD 10,000

APNIC Pty Ltd, Australia

This grant supported the APNIC 54 Fellowship program.

Amount: USD 34,000