In September 2016, The APNIC Foundation was formally incorporated in Hong Kong. Under its charter, the Foundation will “advance education, on a non-profit making basis, in technical, operational and policy matters relating to Internet infrastructure, through undertaking or funding activities in Hong Kong and elsewhere in the Asia and the Pacific region”. The incorporation followed an important decision in 2014 by the APNIC Executive Council (EC) to explore a Foundation mechanism to support and expand the APNIC Development Program by raising funds, independently from APNIC membership contributions, to build our regional Internet development efforts into the future. Projects and activities funded by the Foundation will be designed and managed by APNIC, in collaboration with funding partners interested in Internet development. Activities will be implemented by APNIC and our partners, which include a growing group of community trainers and technical advisors, and other like-minded organizations. A priority will be to support and build the capacity of these partners, and to spend Foundation funds in the region.

The primary focus of the APNIC Foundation will be human capacity building; to advance professional development among APNIC’s core community, the network operators who are building and running the Internet in our region. Along with training and education, the Foundation will also support direct technical assistance, which is required in many specific circumstances.

Priority topics for this work will include: security of Internet and DNS infrastructure, promotion and deployment of IPv6, development of exchange points and related infrastructure, and promotion of best operational practices. The APNIC Foundation will seek support from development agencies and those industries most dependent upon the Internet in order to enhance that development and maximize the benefits of the Internet for our region.