The primary objective of the APNIC Foundation is “to advance education, on a non-profit making basis, in technical, operational and policy matters relating to Internet infrastructure” in the Asia Pacific region. It does this in support of the APNIC vision of “a global, open, stable and secure Internet that serves the entire Asia Pacific community”.

To achieve this objective, the Foundation invests in the APNIC Development Program by actively seeking funding and other support from - and collaboration with - a wide range of agencies, foundations, organizations, individuals and companies. The Board’s role is to strategically guide and support the work of the APNIC Foundation and provide mission-focused leadership and governance.

Board members set corporate and strategic policies and goals and delegate authority to the CEO to implement policies and goals in the day-to-day management of the foundation. Board members are also trustees of the foundation who approve an annual budget that ensures it can meet its financial needs. In addition, board members monitor the overall financial health of the foundation by reviewing the annual reports of an auditor.

An essential part of a board member’s role in ensuring the financial health of the foundation is to actively contribute and support the foundation’s fundraising efforts. This includes providing regular advice on fund raising strategy; identifying possible sources of funding; and introducing and encouraging potential investors to support the foundation and its work.

The two most important roles of a Board member are:

The activities of the Foundation Board Members will be supported at all times by Foundation staff.



The CEO initiates, lead, and manages the projects, programs and fund raising activities of the APNIC Foundation in close coordination with the APNIC Development Director and is responsible for allocating and managing resources (budget and staff) based on goals set by the APNIC EC and Foundation Board, and will represent the Foundation publicly and in business negotiations.

Head of Programs

The Head of Programs is responsible for the operation of programs, projects and activities that support the APNIC Development objectives, in close collaboration with APNIC’s Development Area and funding/implementing partners, such as development organizations, individual donors, foundations, the private sector and government agencies.