With more than 5,000 Members in almost every nation of the Asia Pacific, APNIC has spent 20 years helping to build a world-class community of Internet service providers to serve the region’s 3 billion citizens. Many of its 70-plus staff travel regularly to events and activities around the region to support the needs of Members, provide training and technical assistance, or give presentations at conferences. APNIC also partners with many local, national and regional organizations through MoUs, sponsorships and informally to support the continuing development of the Internet.

APNIC’s success in partnering and seeking financial support for its activities is founded on five important assets:

  1. A strong technical focus and regional recognition as a source of best practice and expertise
  2. Neutrality and independence from any particular vendors, services, or technologies
  3. Financial strength and transparency
  4. Robust regional networks and relationships
  5. Long track record of successful management and implementation
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